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The power of the Live Feed.

This is the initial overview of the Live Feed on the Prometheus DApp. Although it may look like a lot at once, it's easy to get the hang of!


Users are able to extensively filter their Live Feed to best fit their interests and risk tolerance; only projects that fit their filters will appear in their Live Feed (for both newly deployed coins and scraped pairs)

NOTE: Projects that rug will be automatically removed from the Live Feed.

Starting with the premade quick filters at the top which you can see here:

  • New Pairs: A filter to display all recently deployed coins in real-time up to a week ago. This filter will show you newly deployed pairs often quicker than Dextools, with much more information when it's indexed.

  • Scraped Pairs: A filter to display all the pairs scraped from your Scraper settings, seen here as an example (an example of a MadApes scraped pair (completely fictitious)):

  • Momentum Pairs: A filter to display coins that are gaining short-term momentum (significant volume deviation on the 1 minute, 5 minute, 10 minute and 30 minute charts)

  • Trending Pairs: A filter to display the top traded coins on Uniswap on a short-term timeframe.

    • NOTE: This is not similar to Dextools trending pairs, ETH trending pairs, etc. This scans data directly from Uniswap pools without any external factors influencing it, which allows for much more precise data.

  • Hot Launches: A filter to display coins that immediately gathered a lot of attention and volume directly after deploying

  • Anticipated Launches: A filter to display coins that are deployed but have not enabled trading/adding liquidity but they have an unusually high number of Block 0 snipers

Users are also able to use the custom filter button on top of premade filters to further narrow their search parameters:

Displayed Coins & Associated Information

Every coin that is deployed is automatically and quickly indexed with a wide variety of pertinent information so the user does not have to spend any time manually researching the project themselves.

Next to the contract name/project name are several buttons. From left to right, they are:

  • Copy the contract address

  • Go to the contract's Etherscan page

  • Pull up a quick-view modal of the contract code

  • Go to the project's website

  • Go to the project's Telegram

  • Go to the project's Twitter

The Live Feed also tags each coin with premade filters (Hot Launch and New Pair in this case) for quicker researching, decision-making, and easily-digestible knowledge for the user!

Below the contact name and affiliated links is general contract information including:

Deployed: how long ago the project was deployed on-chain

Buy Tax: tax fee for each buy

Sell Tax: sell tax for each sell

Total Supply: the total supply minted by the contract when it was deployed

Burnt Supply: supply that is irretrievable and essentially gone, whether it's locked eternally, sent to a burn or dead address, or something similar.

Circ. Supply (Circulating Supply): amount of tokens that are currently circulating and can be traded

Holder Distribution: the amount of tokens (% of total supply) each of the top 5 holders possess

Block 0 Snipers: how many snipers were aiming to get into the project on block 0 (as soon as trading was enabled or liquidity was added)

Locked: whether or not the liquidity provided for trading has been locked and cannot be removed along with how long and where it was locked

Max Buy: the % and amount of tokens a user can buy in one transaction

Max Wallet: the % and amount of tokens a user can hold in one wallet

Renounced: whether or not the rights to call Owner's functions and make any fundamental changes to the contract has been given up (renounced is generally good hence it being highlighted in green)

Honeypot: whether or not the contract is a honeypot, which means that users are unable to sell at all or is unable to sell without being taxed nearly all of their tokens due to abnormally high sell tax

  • Note: this will update in real-time so it is important to pay attention to changes

Trading: whether or not trading has been enabled and users are able to buy and sell the coin

Scraped Pairs & Token Information

All pairs automatically scraped and added into the live feed are indexed in a similar manner to normal indexed pairs. When a coin is scraped from various information sources, it is displayed in this format, which shows the original message it was scraped from along with the coin that was in the message:

If you click INFO on the right-hand side, it displays full coin information similar to normal indexed pairs.

Additionally, you can see an example of a scam project below, which highlights potential red flags:

As you can see, renouncing = false + honeypot = true which are red flags and therefore highlighted in red. Although trading = false and is highlighted in red, this is not necessarily a red flag as a project could have simply not enabled trading yet!

Additionally, all projects are indexed with red flags that are found automatically. In this example, a project's red flags are:

  • High sell tax (as you can see, this project has a 100% sell tax and is considered a honeypot also!)

  • The owner/developer/deployer of the contract holds over 5% of the supply (if you look at the holder distribution, the top holder owns 70%, with the next 3 wallets holding 30%)

  • Linked to previous scams: the deployer wallet of the contract has been linked to previous scams

It is important to take note of these red flags but to also connect the dots between them!

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